5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Front Door

Are you thinking about front door replacement but you are not sure if this is the right time for the project? Do you want to know the signs that your front door needs to be replaced? Do not search further; this write-up will let you know whether or not it’s the right time to replace your front door. Without further ado, here are 5 signs it’s time to replace your front:

1. Difficult Operations

Exposure to harsh weather and extreme temperatures usually cause front doors to degrade and develop structural problems, especially as they age. When your front door becomes too difficult to lock and unlock or becomes more of a workout to open and close, start planning your front door replacement project.

2. Condensation

If your front door has glass windows and you notice a moisture buildup in it, especially if the glass windows are two panes, your front door needs to be replaced as soon as possible. The excessive moisture in-between the panes indicates a structural problem that allows moisture to seep in. Over time, there will be mold and mildew growth in the glass and this may spread throughout the entire home. Once you see this sign, immediately include front door replacement in the priority list of renovation projects in your home.

3. Drafts

If you start to feel the outdoor air blowing into the home through the bottom or side of the front door, you need door replacement as soon as possible. This indicates that in soontime, your house will experience energy loss, especially when you run the HVAC, as warm or cool air will be escaping through the gaps. When this happens, your HVAC will overwork and this will result in high costs of energy.

4. Rotting Wood

Rotting doors usually result from past incidents involving water or insect damage. When either of these incidents occurs, wooden doors will suffer the consequences of wearing much faster than expected. The front door may rotten due to the wear and tear on the doors from ageing. In this case, the door should be checked if some parts are softer than others, which will indicate that the door has rottened.

5. Structural Damage

You will need door replacement if your current door has suffered noticeable structural damages such as dents, cracks, warping and damaged locks. The front door is the first thing that welcomes people to your home, so you should consider replacing the front door if it has lost its visual appeal and structural integrity. A warped door can no longer close or open correctly and it will be a great challenge to keep the door.


When you notice the above signs on your front door, you should plan to replace the door as soon as possible. They are signs it’s time to replace your front door.

5 Awful Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing a Window

Windows play an important role in any home, they offer a view of the outside, they allow natural light to enter your home, they provide fresh air, they also play a significant role in your home’s energy efficiency as well as safety and security. However, no matter how good your windows are, you will eventually need to replace them, as your windows are constantly exposed to harsh conditions.

When looking to replace your windows, there are a few key mistakes you would be right to avoid. To help you, this post will mention 5 awful mistakes you should avoid when replacing your windows.

Not hiring the services of a professional contractor

Window replacement is a complex project that requires skill and experience. However, in an effort to save money, you may be tempted to take on the project yourself. Even as a proficient do it yourselfer, there are many issues that can arise from installing your own windows. From voiding warranties to installing the windows incorrectly, these issues will all be costly in the future. Hiring a professional windows and door replacement contractor ensures your windows will be installed properly and you benefit from the peace of mind that your new windows are covered by a warranty.

Using price as the only factor for choosing replacement windows

Although cost is one of the most vital elements of any home renovation project, it shouldn’t be the only element to consider. An expensive window isn’t necessarily the best for your home. However, the cheapest windows are definitely not on par with the other options.

The best approach is to set a budget for your window replacement project and then look for the high-quality windows that fit into your budget. Your new windows should be energy-efficient, durable, well-designed, and beautiful.

Replacing outdated windows with the same type

Just because you had a certain type of window in your home for the past 20 years, it doesn’t mean you need to replace that window with a same style window. This is your opportunity to consider functionality and design and choose a window style that better suits both in your home.

Keep in mind you don’t always need to change the type of window during a replacement. In the end, you may want to replace an older sliding window with a new sliding window if that is the style and function you want as you will still benefit from the updated energy efficiency and security features.

Overlooking aesthetics

Of course, security, safety, comfort, and seamless operation are all vital factors to consider when replacing a window. But, this does not mean that you should overlook the aesthetics of a window. When installing new windows in your home or business, you should ask some important questions. Do I like these windows? Will they improve the curb appeal of my building? Can they add to the resale value of my home? Don’t choose any windows unless they will boost the beauty of your home.

Buying windows that don’t fit your location

The location of your home will affect the performance and durability of your windows. For instance, if you live in a location with lots of sunlight, you should opt for windows with Low-E glass as it can lower the effect of UV rays on your home. On the other hand, your windows must have high-quality glazing and impact-resistant sash if your location experiences lots of rain and strong winds. Consider your environment and the location of your property when buying windows so that you don’t purchase windows that do not fit the needs of your location.

5 benefits to replacing your windows and doors

Are you asking yourself whether you should replace your windows and doors? Well, you probably are not alone as this is a frequent question among homeowners. It is not a small decision but is one of the only home renovation projects you can enjoy from both the inside and outside of your home. Replacing your windows and doors is a long-term investment in your home that yields plenty of benefits.

Here are the top 5 benefits of replacing your windows and doors. By the end of this article, you will have more information needed to decide whether it’s a good idea to complete a window replacement at your home!

New Windows and Doors Boost Property Value

One of the main reasons why you should replace your windows and doors is their ability to boost your home’s value. Most homeowners choose this type of renovation project because of the long-term advantages. New windows and doors will help you sell the property at higher price. Prospective buyers appreciate modern and functional windows and doors and market data shows that this investment can get you back at least 75% of the project cost during the selling process.

New Windows and Doors Improve Home Security

A major benefit of replacing your windows and doors is the improved safety and security. If you have old windows and doors, your property may be vulnerable to intruders. Burglars might be tempted by worn windows and doors, and you might not feel safe inside. But, what is even more concerning is that old windows and doors might make it difficult to escape in case of a fire or similar emergencies.

New Windows and Doors Improve Comfort

A well-known advantage of replacing windows and doors is the comfort offered. New products are designed with industry-leading materials to prevent your home from experiencing drafts or allowing allergens and dust to enter. If you want to increase comfort in your home, consider new windows and doors.

New Windows And Doors Boost Energy Efficiency

New windows and doors represent your goto solution if you are looking forward to improved energy efficiency and lower energy costs. These products are well-sealed and diminish energy loss. Besides, homes with new windows and doors don’t experience any heat loss. As a result, the entire property will become energy efficient, and you’ll be able to manage your costs wisely. The energy efficiency of new windows and doors will save you a lot of money in the long term.

New Windows And Doors Offer Peace Of Mind

Another benefit of replacing your windows and doors is the soundproofing qualities. Studies show this is the best approach to insulate your home and prevent outdoor noises from interfering with your comfort. New windows and doors offer peace and quietness, especially in a busy neighborhood.

These are our top 5 benefits of replacing your windows and doors. Keep in mind that to get the full benefit of the above, your new windows and doors need to be installed correctly and the best way to ensure proper installation is to trust your project to a professional windows and doors contractor. We encourage you to discuss with a windows and doors contractor before choosing any products. They will assist you in selecting the right window styles and materials for your needs.

5 Tips To Pick The Right Material For Your Entry Door

Why is it important to choose the right material for your entry door? Well, it doesn’t only serve as the main entrance to your house. The entry door is also important to the security of your home. It also increases curb appeal, improves daylighting, and contributes to energy efficiency. It also gives people an insight into your style. So, when it is time for door replacement, be sure that the entry door matches or complements the overall aesthetics of your home. Here are 5 tips to pick the right material for your entry door:

1. Look beyond wood

Although wood is a common and traditional material for entry doors, maybe it’s time to go for modern materials. Steel and fiberglass are great alternatives because unlike timber, they do not wear. They also require minimal cleaning and upkeep so you do not have to worry about cold winters and muggy summers to keep them in great conditions.

2. Do not ignore your house needs

Every house is different, so you have to pay attention to the specific needs of the one you live in. Consider adaptability to different seasons and weather. For the sake of protection from UV rays, you can get an entry door that offers ultraviolet (UV) light protection. This can protect your carpets, fabrics, and furniture from extra heat.

3. Go glazed

Upgrading your solid entry door with glass panels is great for functionality. How so? Glazed doors can admit the sun, which can contribute to the natural illumination of your foyer. If the inside of your house has many reflective surfaces, the light can penetrate deeper spaces and places.

4. Keep purchase within your budget

Of course, your entry door will come with a price but to avoid breaking your bank, you have to plan carefully. To do so, ask for recommendations from friends and family, see which material looks good in their homes. You can also seek help from experts and go over the pros and cons of your top picks.

5. Remember minor features

Be sure to opt for entry doors that are covered in low-maintenance cladding materials such as steel or fiberglass. Also, check for weather strips and advanced locks. These components are the underdogs of a stunning entry door design.


How to Choose the Right Entry Door for My Home

Your entry door is more than just a gateway into your home, it is the focal point of your front yard and what anyone that is approaching your home is focused on. It also has the ability to set the tone for your home’s exterior aesthetics.

If you are considering an entry door replacement, there are a lot of options to consider, and choosing the right one for your home style can be tricky. To help you with your selection process, we have highlighted some of the important items you will need to consider below.

Consider the material of the entry door

Entry doors are available in a wide range of materials, but the most common materials are wood, steel, and fibreglass.

Wood – if you are looking for an attractive entry door, a wood door is a great option. Notably, wood doors can be built from a selection of wood types, but most are made of a hardwood as this ensures they are resilient and reliable.

Steel – is another popular choice for entry doors. In some cases, the inner frame will have wood while the outer portion is made of steel. However, there are also steel doors that contain almost 100% steel. You should note that steel doors usually cost less than wood doors and are more energy-efficient. A drawback is  that some steel doors tend to absorb heat.

Fibreglass– if sturdiness and ease of maintenance are paramount to you, you should consider fibreglass or a composite entry door. Fiberglass doors can be manufactured to have the same look like wooden doors.

Classic versus trendy entry doors

Home design trends tend to change quite quickly, when choosing your new entry door, you should consider what purchasing an on-trend door will mean in several years. Will you still love your door as much as you do today? If you are looking to add a touch of modern top to your home with a trendy front door, consider choosing a trendy door colour, this way if the trend changes or you are no longer in love with the colour, you can just have it painted.

Think about the specific needs of your home

Every home has its own unique needs. Regardless of the design and material of your entry door, it must be able to serve your home perfectly. For instance, if you live in a region with lots of sunlight, your entry door will be exposed to many ultraviolet (UV) rays. In such a case, you will need to get an entry door that offers UV protection.

Consider an energy-efficient door

An entry door with a higher energy-efficiency rating will help reduce heat loss and in turn reduce your energy consumption and bills. A major benefit of replacing your entry door is replacing it with one that will offer a higher rate of energy efficiency.  

Build a budget

Although investing in front door replacement can help increase your home’s aesthetics, security and value, you should always have a budget set before searching for your new door. Entry doors come with a range of features that also increase the price. Having your budget set before looking at potential doors will help you stay focused on the doors that fall within your price range. 

How Do I Choose An Entry Door?

Your front door is the focal point for anyone that is walking up to or by your home, it plays a major part in your home’s aesthetic appeal, but it is not just a hinged piece of art. Your front door is also the guardian of your home, needing to stand up to whatever mother nature throws its direction as well as would be intruders. But, it also needs to be easily manageable so any member of your family can enter and exit.

When shopping for replacement doors, remember your front entrance needs to be much more than just beautiful, yes overall aesthetics are important, but so is durability and functionality.

1. Aesthetics

There are dozens of options to choose from when looking for a door that matches your style. You can look for a single door, a double door, full glass inserts, partial glass, no glass, side-lite, top-lite and that is just a few. You can have ornate ironwork incorporated into your door and even have any choice of colour you can image. When choosing your entry door, you need to consider how it will fit in with the rest of your home’s exterior design. Choosing a bold colour to accentuate your door is great, but choosing a modern, industrial style door when the rest of your home is rustic and quaint will throw off your home’s styling. Before making your final selection, step back to the curb and envision your new door, does it compliment your home or does it create an imbalance?

2. Durability

Choosing the type of material your door is made of is an important step in the selection process. The material will influence the style options, maintenance requirements, price, and operation. Wood is the traditional choice, it is highly customizable as wood can be cut to fit any entry way. You can stain or paint wood any colour you see fit. Overtime, wood can bend, warp, and rot. Regular upkeep is required with a wood door. Insulated steel doors are one of the more popular choices as they are secure and reliable. Steel doors are more energy efficient than wood, reducing the amount of heat escaping or entering from the door. The downside is that steel doors can dent and may rust. Fiberglass doors give you the look of wood with the security and efficiency of steel. They will not rot or dent and maintenance is limited, however fiberglass is considered a premium material and are priced significantly higher than steel doors.

3. Functionality

Who and how are questions you will need to think about when it comes to your entrance doors function. A solid hardwood door may be difficult for a younger family member to open and close, a door that is constantly facing extreme weather such as rain, snow, wind and sunlight may need a more durable material such as steel. Your door’s efficiency rating is also important as your new door should help you reduce your energy bills, the type of door will dictate by how much.

Choosing the right replacement door for your home should not be taken lightly. The right entrance door will make the first impression of your home count. PM Windows & Doors has a wide selection of entry doors that feature outstanding styling, security, thermal efficiency and comfort for long lasting beauty and easy maintenance. Call today 1-800-479-4499 for a free in-home estimate.

4 Factors That Affect Your Window and Door Replacement

Are you thinking of replacing your windows and doors? Have you chosen your preferred replacement windows to purchase to replace worn-out windows or give your home a new look? Do you desire to know what factors affect the installation of replacement windows and doors? Do not worry; read this write-up to the end to be fully informed and know how to get the best results for your replacement project.

It is essential to know certain factors that can affect your window and door replacement. Regardless of the quality of the replacement windows and doors, the windows and doors may not be installed properly. Therefore, here are the factors that affect window and door replacement.

1. Measurement

The window and door space must be measured correctly, as this will affect the fabrication of the replacement windows and doors. An incorrect measurement will undoubtedly cause a lot of hassles during installation. If the situation is well-managed, anyone with prying eyes will notice the imperfection, even though it may be perfect. As a result, you should ensure that all the parts of the windows and doors are correctly measured to have the ideal replacement windows and doors for the success of the project.

2. The positioning of the Window

The main issue here is the placement of the window about the size of the wall. The installer has to be experienced in installing replacement windows correctly. The size of the wall is an excellent determinant in positioning the window during installation. How accurately the windows are installed will impact their durability, rate of window condensation, rate of damage to the window’s mechanism. As a result, you should hire an experienced installer for the installation of replacement windows and doors.

3. Installation Process

Each step during the installation of replacement windows and doors contributes to their functionality, efficiency, and durability. The correct use of shims will ensure the proper performance of the installed windows. Also, the windows must be set correctly to ensure that they are installed plumb, square, and level.

4. Insulation Foam

Another factor that affects the installation of replacement windows and doors is the proper use and placement of insulation foam. Meanwhile, the gap between the window frame and the framing is a significant determinant here. And an experienced installer will ensure the appropriate use of foam gun and caulking where necessary.

Having known the factors that affect the installation of replacement windows, the onus is on the homeowner and the contractor to ensure the correct measurement of the window space and installation process.

5 Tips for Buying a Replacement Front Door

Purchasing a replacement door can give your home a new perspective. Aside from the aesthetics, it will also put an increased strength level on your security and reduce your overall energy bills. There are tons of front doors out there. What then are the things that should help you narrow down your search and make the best selection?

Here are the 5 tips for buying a replacement front door:

1. Style

You want to choose a replacement front door that resonates with your style, person and that harmonizes with the design of the home. This has to do with color, design, patterns and other aesthetic considerations. Explore as many styles as possible. Traditional doors tend to blend well with traditional doors. A home with a modern structure will be better complemented with a modern door. The style also includes handedness. If your door wasn’t easy to open earlier due to obstructions, change the handedness.

2. Consider Natural Light

Depending on your choice, you may need more illumination in your home. The front door is one of those sure ways of bringing a little sunray into your home. You will need to purchase doors with light ushering features. Look out for doors particularly with inset windows. The fact that your window is made of glass may want to tamper with your security. The way around this is getting a door that the doorknob is below the window. That way, it will make it more difficult for an intruder to break in from outside.

3. Warranty

Make sure to purchase a front door with desirable sales terms. Make sure it covers the things it ought to cover and know what it covers and what it leaves out. That way, you know the things that can make you ineligible in case there’s a need for a claim eventually. Check out new trends in the door industry and what you particularly should be looking out for.

4. Quality of the Material

This is one of the most important considerations in getting a replacement front door. Some doors are more resistant than others and hold more promises of longevity. Wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl all have their advantages and downsides. Woods are durable and flexible as they can be easily made into different shapes or sizes. Wood doors require regular maintenance. Fiberglass doors resist scratches and dents better than steel. Steel doors are energy-efficient, secure and durable. It’s left for you to decide which suits you better.

5. Dimension

Replacing your front door means there was a door existing before. Measure the length, width, and depth with a good tape measure. The replacement you will be getting should match the measurements of the old door. Even if you want a bigger renovation, the accurate measurements will give you an idea of what you want and other things you need to do.

How do I Choose a Patio Door?

If you’re like most homeowners, you want your house to look its best inside and out. By selecting the right patio door for your home, you can show off your personal style while incorporating function and practicality. With our available custom options, creating the perfect look is easier than ever before.

Consider Types of Patio Doors

PM Windows & Doors offers two- and three-lite patio doors, each lite representing a panel of glass. While other sliding glass doors on the market are only available in stock sizes, each of our doors is custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of the door opening up to 8 ft. in height.

Our professional installers fit the doors to the opening, delivering unbeatable quality and attention to detail. The high-end,  vinyl patio doors we install offer years of flawless operation.

Not only are our sliding glass doors durable, but they also have a double-point locking system to keep your home secure.

OR …We also offer hinged Garden doors for your enjoyment. This is the perfect patio door replacement!  A garden door gives you less air infiltration and added security along with a sliding bug screen. A garden door has all the features of a patio door with the ability to add a deadbolt and decorative or brass glass. A garden door can only enhance the beauty of your rear deck or garden.


Tip 1: Since swinging Garden doors need room to open, consider factors such as furniture and wall placement before determining which opening method works best for space. If space is tight, consider using a stationary panel with a single swinging door or sliding doors that fit well in any sized space.

Tip 2: Choose a design that has a wide doorway to provide greater access and a stronger connection to your outdoor living space.

Tip 3: Since glass is a major component of patio doors, you’ll want to select the right type with the most benefits and efficiency. Low-E glass helps lower energy bills all year and protects against UV fading. decorative tempered glass offers privacy and added style, while still letting in natural light. Look for options like internal blinds and grills to control the light and views.

Patio doors are becoming taller and wider, spanning the length and height of whole walls so your outdoor living space feels like a natural extension of your home. When it comes to patio doors, there are many new options for homeowners to choose from, like low-maintenance fiberglass that mimics the look of wood, architectural inspired-styles, decorative glass, custom colors and designs, and energy efficient systems. Look for ENERGY STAR® rated patio doors.

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5 Ways to Get More Natural Light to Dark Rooms

Getting the right amount of light in a room can be tricky. Orientation toward North definitely cuts down lighting, but there are also other factors such as large tree shades and small window openings.

If you are tired of having to turn the lights on even during a bright sunny day, here are 5 most effective ways to improve a room’s natural light:

1. Replacement Windows

A very important factor that determines the amount of natural light in your room is the quality of your windows. If have old, wooden frames, light won’t get reflected properly. Additionally, you might have small or not enough windows in the room. To solve this problem, simply add new windows like the picture window or bay or bow window.

With doing window replacement, you get the opportunity to rearrange your space and allow more natural light to enter in the future. Consider installing sliding patio doors in your living room or a picture window in the bedroom. Whatever you do, always consult with experts before you seal the deal.

2. Mirrors and Décor

Light travels by being reflected. If your room has black walls, dark furniture and no mirrors, it’s no wonder you have problems with natural light. Putting large decorative mirrors in the room will give lighting an opportunity to be reflected and travel around the entire space.

Mirrors also create optical illusions. Every room that has a large mirror across the window looks 3 times bigger than it actually is. Besides using mirrors, you can also play around with other types of décor such as rugs, bookshelves and plants. The lighter the colors, the more natural light will be reflected.

3. Reflective Tiles

When we have already mentioned reflection, we cannot but speak about reflective tiles. Many homeowners have problems with natural light, especially in living rooms. This is why in most homes you will find reflective tiles, glass tables and gold or silver decorations. With putting more shiny surfaces, you get more reflection and thus more light.

4. Change the Window Treatments

Another trick involving window is how you treat them. Of course, we aren’t talking about regular cleaning jobs. The type of window covering you have also influences the amount of natural light. Heavy weight, dark shades block much more sunlight than white vertical blinds.

The best window treatments are those that allow enough light to enter, but block damaging UV rays at the same time. There are many options on the market, but when choosing remember to match it with your aesthetics and choose a lightly colored one.

5. Repaint

Previously we concluded how reflection is the most important thing when it comes to improving natural light. So this is how it basically works: Dark colors absorb light and bright ones reflect it. By painting over your walls, cabinets or floors with baby blue or beige, you will surely get a brighter room.

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