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How to Choose the Right Entry Door for My Home

Your entry door is more than just a gateway into your home, it is the focal point of your front yard and what anyone that is approaching your home is focused on. It also has the ability to set the tone for your home’s exterior aesthetics.

If you are considering an entry door replacement, there are a lot of options to consider, and choosing the right one for your home style can be tricky. To help you with your selection process, we have highlighted some of the important items you will need to consider below.

Consider the material of the entry door

Entry doors are available in a wide range of materials, but the most common materials are wood, steel, and fibreglass.

Wood – if you are looking for an attractive entry door, a wood door is a great option. Notably, wood doors can be built from a selection of wood types, but most are made of a hardwood as this ensures they are resilient and reliable.

Steel – is another popular choice for entry doors. In some cases, the inner frame will have wood while the outer portion is made of steel. However, there are also steel doors that contain almost 100% steel. You should note that steel doors usually cost less than wood doors and are more energy-efficient. A drawback is  that some steel doors tend to absorb heat.

Fibreglass– if sturdiness and ease of maintenance are paramount to you, you should consider fibreglass or a composite entry door. Fiberglass doors can be manufactured to have the same look like wooden doors.

Classic versus trendy entry doors

Home design trends tend to change quite quickly, when choosing your new entry door, you should consider what purchasing an on-trend door will mean in several years. Will you still love your door as much as you do today? If you are looking to add a touch of modern top to your home with a trendy front door, consider choosing a trendy door colour, this way if the trend changes or you are no longer in love with the colour, you can just have it painted.

Think about the specific needs of your home

Every home has its own unique needs. Regardless of the design and material of your entry door, it must be able to serve your home perfectly. For instance, if you live in a region with lots of sunlight, your entry door will be exposed to many ultraviolet (UV) rays. In such a case, you will need to get an entry door that offers UV protection.

Consider an energy-efficient door

An entry door with a higher energy-efficiency rating will help reduce heat loss and in turn reduce your energy consumption and bills. A major benefit of replacing your entry door is replacing it with one that will offer a higher rate of energy efficiency.  

Build a budget

Although investing in front door replacement can help increase your home’s aesthetics, security and value, you should always have a budget set before searching for your new door. Entry doors come with a range of features that also increase the price. Having your budget set before looking at potential doors will help you stay focused on the doors that fall within your price range.