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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Windows?

After using windows for an extended period, a time will come for you to replace them with newer, safer, and more efficient models. But, how do you know it is time for replacement windows? Well, below we look to highlight some of the signs that indicate it is time to change your windows.

  • Your windows lack the latest safety features

As technology advances, the safety features of windows are also improving. However, if you are using windows that were installed over a decade ago, they will not be fitted with the latest safety features as most modern windows have. 

  • You want to renovate an old home

Perhaps you are looking to upgrade the look of your family home or you have a rental property that requires a makeover. No home renovation project is complete without updating the windows and doors. Your windows and doors directly influence your home’s aesthetics, both inside and out.

  • Your energy bills are high

When functioning optimally, your windows should keep your internal and external environment separate, without allowing for heat loss. Consequently, your reliance on your heating and cooling systems will not be that great. However, if your windows are draughty or faulty, they will allow for air to enter and escape your home leading you to rely heavily on your heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable internal home temperature. This, in turn, will increase your energy bills. If you begin to notice your energy bills creeping up unseasonably, it may be time you looked into replacement windows.

  • You have single pane Windows

Thirty-plus years ago, single-pane windows were still being utilized in homes. Since then window design has changed, at minimum double pane windows are utilized in residences, with triple-pane windows increasing in popularity. Double or triple-paned windows are significantly better at preventing heat from escaping your home during the winter months, and from heat entering in the summer months. 

  • Your windows are broken, damaged, or warped

Damaged, broken, and warped windows are security concerns for your home, as burglars can take advantage of the issue and easily enter your home. If you can see physical damages on your windows, so can someone that is looking for faults to take advantage of.

  • Your windows are difficult to operate

Windows are designed to be opened and closed easily. When your windows are difficult to operate, they will take additional effort and strain to open or close, they can allow for intruders to access your home as they may not lock properly, they can represent a potential safety risk in the case of a windowpane falling out, or glass breaking.

  • The noise comes into your home from outside

If your windows are closed but you still hear lots of noise from outside your home, there is a potential issue with your windows. This is usually because the windows don’t offer enough acoustic insulation or are no longer sealing properly. As the issue continues to grow, you will begin to experience more interruptions and distractions from the outside noise. 

If you are experiencing one or more of the above issues with your windows, it is probably a good time to start looking into replacement options. When looking for a window replacement contractor to complete your replacement project, look for an experienced contractor that specializes in window and door replacement.