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How do You Know it’s Time to Replace Your Old Windows?

If you have been considering replacing your old windows, you are not alone. It is common knowledge that old windows cannot guarantee the energy efficiency of the home. Apart from the fact that you need to improve the aesthetics of your home by changing the old windows to state-of-the-art replacement windows, there are other reasons why you should replace your old windows.

Given that modern replacement windows offer several benefits to the home and help the homeowner to save money, these are the signs that it is high time you replaced your old windows. Here are the signs that you need to change your old windows:

  1. Structural Damages and Draft

Damages to your old windows like warping, cracks, holes, rotten frames, etc. are one of the signs that you should replace the windows. Besides, when breeze enters your home through the windows despite being closed, you should consider replacement windows. This condition may have resulted from damages to the seals of the window. Know that windows that fail the draft test will cause drastic changes to the overall temperature of the house, and this will task your HVAC system more than necessary just to maintain the fluctuating temperature.

  1. Difficulty Operating the Windows

It should not be difficult to open, close, or lock your windows. However, when you cannot operate the old windows conveniently, you should start planning for replacement windows. Windows that are hard to operate can fail at any time. To prevent the inconveniences that such sudden failure can bring, prepare for replacement windows.

  1. Outside Noise

When you start hearing noise from outside, that shows that your windows offer little protection from outside noises. The seals of the old windows may have become worn out; hence, the windows cannot provide soundproofing functions any longer. You should not lose peace inside your house due to the noise outdoors.

  1. Condensation

Not all types of condensation are bad. But when there is misty condensation between glass layers or cracked window glass, you unavoidably need replacement windows because it will be difficult to see through the old windows again since the condensation will not disappear.

  1. Increasing Energy Bills

Another sign that you need replacement windows is increasing energy bills. Since your old windows are no longer energy-efficient, your HVAC will binge on electricity to maintain the temperature of the home, which will result in huge energy expenses.

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What are the Benefits of Adding a Sunroom?

Looking for a way to spice up things in your home? Look no further since sunrooms are the ideal way to do this. Their benefits vary from adding aesthetics to improving light and ventilation. Additionally, sunrooms boost up your home’s value without shaking up your pockets. But, let’s not mention everything at once.

Also known as Florida room, garden conservatory, patio room, sun parlor, winter garden, and three season room; a classic sunroom is getting more and more popular each day.

Here are the top 5 advantages of having a sunroom in your home:

A Stylish Touch

If you are looking for a new and authentic home improvement project, installing a sunroom is definitely for you. Your home will be much more noticeable from the outside and if you use your decorations right, it will look like a million bucks. From fancy lightbulbs and plants to DIY window treatments, sunrooms are ideal for those who want to experiment with style.

Added Extra Space

Everybody has issues with practicality in their homes. As time passes by, our homes basically turn into large storage spaces and the more we live, the less room we have inside. Adding a sunroom is a great way to expand your living space. And the best thing is you can turn it into whatever you want: an office, a space for yoga, a kids playroom, etc.

Increase Home Value

With adding extra square footage, you definitely add more numbers to your home’s value. Modern home buyers are looking for curb appeal and a sunroom surely improves it. Additionally, this home upgrade isn’t that expensive. This means that for a relatively low price, you can create an extra living space and gain much more in value than you spent for the upgrade.

A Unique Garden

As we mentioned before, there are tons of options you can go for when it comes to deciding the purpose of your new sunrooms. Besides office spaces and playrooms, sunrooms are amazing for creating a green room. Starting gardening as a hobby is very beneficial, both for your home and for your mental health.

Improve Natural Light

Doing gardening wouldn’t be possible without sufficient amounts of natural light. One of the benefits of sunrooms is significantly improved natural lighting on the inside. Research shows how homeowners who live in open spaces with tons of natural light have a much better life. This is because sunlight affects us positively in many different ways.

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