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5 Reasons To Replace Your Windows Before Winter Arrives

Winter comes with beautiful scenery and cool weather, but it can pose a big risk to your home and fixtures if appropriate measures are not taken. As a part of your winter preparation, getting replacement windows should be a priority. Your windows are some of the most exposed parts of your home and they play an important role in protecting you against the harsh winter temperatures. One of the best ways to ensure your home is winter-ready by replacing your older windows with new replacement windows

Here are five reasons why you should replace your windows before winter arrives. 

1. Better comfort

Old windows tend to be less effective in protecting against the harsh temperatures of winter. With new replacement windows, you have better insulation capacity and they are better equipped to withstand the cold weather conditions. This way, your home is better able to maintain its internal temperature without having to heavily rely on your heating system, ultimately increasing your comfort as there is less fluctuation in temperature.  

2. Reduced heating costs

With the insulation efficiency of replacement windows, you get to save on the energy used to heat your home. New windows have better features and stronger materials to prevent cold air from coming in and warm air from escaping. This keeps your home’s temperature at a steadier rate, reducing the need for your HVAC system from continuously running to warm up your home. In the end, with new replacement windows, you are able to reduce your utility bills and the overall cost of heating your home during the colder winter months.

3. Prevent wear and tear

With older windows, is it not uncommon to need to aggressively use your heating systems during winter to ensure your home is maintaining a comfortable internal temperature? However, this aggressive usage can lead to premature wear on your HVAC system., By changing your windows before winter is in full effect, you can prevent damage caused by wear and tear to your heating system.

 4. End of season deals  

Winter isn’t exactly the peak period for the sale of windows, which makes it perfect for you to get a bargain on your replacements. There are several discounts and deals available on top-line windows and frames so you can get premium quality. By installing the new windows just before winter arrives you’ll get the best value at discounted prices. 

 5. Contractor availability  

Additionally, contractors who install replacement windows are usually more available during winter. You may have to deal with the cold for a day, while the installation is going on but you won’t have to stress when booking the contractor. You can also get an off-season discount on charges for installation. 

To avoid the potential damage and unforeseen expenses associated with older windows, it is best to have replacement windows installed before winter arrives. PM Windows & Doors has been providing industry-leading replacement windows to the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph areas since 1984. Give us a call today at 1-800-479-4499 to schedule your no-obligation consultation today!