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Should I Get Double Hung or Single Hung Windows?

When you are renovating or remodeling your home, replacement windows should be considered a must. New windows will provide your home with a revitalized appearance, will providing better energy efficiency and security for your home. When selecting the windows styles for your replacement, you do not need to choose the same style window that was previously installed. You can choose windows that meet your usage and design needs. Two popular choices, which we get a lot of questions about, is single hung windows and double-hung windows. Both window types are similar in design and function but have some important differences.

We will be highlighting the differences between Single-hung and  Double-hung windows below:

As mentioned above, both window styles are extremely similar, in fact, it is hard to notice any difference from a good distance away. However, there is one major difference between them. Both styles of windows consist of two sashes – an upper sash and a lower sash. However, in a single hung window, the upper sash is fixed, meaning it cannot be moved, the lower sash can move up and down for the standard operation. On a double-hung window, both the upper and lower sashes are capable of sliding up and down.

Single Hung Windows: Pros and Cons

Single-hung windows are commonly found in most older homes as they have been in use for decades. They are still utilized in some newer homes today. Due to the simpler design and manufacturing process, single hung windows are known to be cheaper than their double-hung counterparts. They also tend to be more weather resistant and energy-efficient due to fewer moving parts. With only one operational sash, ventilation is limited versus a double-hung window, and replacement of a damaged section may be more difficult as a large portion of the window is built as a single piece. Cleaning a single hung window will require more effort than a double-hung window, as you are not able to reach the exterior of the top sash from inside your home.

Double Hung Windows: Pros and Cons

With the ability to open both sashes, double-hung windows are exceptional when it comes to allowing air to enter your home. The natural cooling effect you can realize from this type of window can also increase your home’s comfort level on warmer days. The ability to open both sashes from the inside of your home, means no ladders are needed to clean the entire window, as you can complete the chore from the safety of your home. By opening just the top sash, you eliminate any potential accidents and increase the safety of your home, especially if there are children and pets in your home. Due to the design and more complex manufacturing and installation procedure of double-hung windows, they are more expensive to have installed than a single hung window. With more moving parts, the chances of something wearing out or breaking down is also higher than a single hung window, simply because there is more that can go wrong.

Which type should you buy?

There is no one answer to this question, both replacement windows styles offer a wide range of benefits that you can enjoy, but they also have their own drawbacks. Although most modern homes are fitted with double-hung windows, single hung windows are able to provide the same look at a fraction of the cost, but with more potential upkeep.