What is Value?

What is value? Most companies talk about “value added” like it is an add on, something a little extra they are giving the customer after the sale has been made. But what does it really mean? How important is value? What role does it play in the buying and selling process?

Most people think of value as something that is added, as in value added over and above what you are already getting. Some small additional service, or something tacked on, a reduction in price or even something for free.

We look at it quite differently. Value is not something that you add, it is something inherent in the product, service and people that represent the company. The traditional idea indicates it is something that you get once you have purchased something. Something that is added after the sale. We feel it is something that is part of what we do and we give it away and give it often.

The value is in dealing with us, in our clean showroom, our attention to detail, our personal service, our interest in greeting you when you call or drop in. In helping you through the buying process with no pressure. The value is in the products and services we choose to sell. It is our installers who keep your property clean, who remove their shoes before entering your home, or say thank you when you offer them a cold drink or a coffee. Value to the customer is having the right person in the right position to deal with their concerns.

We are here to help you through the buying process for your home. We provide excellent advice prior to any transaction, we take the time to visit your home, find out your needs and come up with the correct solution. We provide high quality products and services that have been tested and proven for many years. We stand behind our work, our price and our people and our reputation means something to us. We are here to earn your trust and hopefully your business, we do not expect it or demand it and you can see that in our approach. What better value is there than a lifetime warranty and we have it!

Of course we want you to purchase from us, but we want you to do it on your terms and timetable not ours. It is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly so we encourage our customers to compare us to what else is out there in the market place. It usually makes us look very good