What Do I Need to Know Before Replacing My Windows?

What Do I Need to Know Before Replacing My Windows?

Are you planning to replace your windows? Well, before you sign the dotted line for replacement windows, there is some basic information you need to know that can help you select the right windows for your home and also ensure the success of your window replacement project.

Here is the run down on what you should know before replacing your windows:

Various Window Frame Materials are Available

The first thing you need to know is that different kinds of materials are used for building window frames. The most common materials are wood, fibreglass, aluminum, and vinyl. Before replacing your windows, you should look into the pros and cons of these popular window materials. 

Wood frames are known for their beauty, energy-efficiency and longevity. However, they require additional maintenance versus other materials and tend to be a bit more expensive than other material types. Fibreglass frames are energy efficient and thin, but they often deteriorate after some years. Affordability and energy efficiency are the major pros of vinyl windows, as well as their low maintenance. Their draw back is longevity, as they will last roughly 20-25 years. Aluminum frames are also budget friendly and beautiful. Unfortunately, they are not as energy efficient as other materials.

Window Replacement Can be Done All at Once or Gradually

When it comes to window replacements, you can opt to complete a full home window replacement at the same time or you can choose to replace a select number of windows and upgrade your entire home gradually. However, the most popular option is to replace all of your windows at the same time, this ensures uniformity in aesthetics and efficiency. However, this does depend on your budget and the overall condition of your windows. 

DIY Replacement is Not Recommended

Taking on DIY projects as a home owner can be fun and provide you with a sense of accomplishment, however, a window replacement is not necessarily one of those projects you want to take on, unless you are a proficient craftsperson. This is because replacing your windows is a delicate task that requires some experience and skill. Even a minor mistake can result in damage to your window or improper operation. Not to mention, many manufacturer warranties re only valid if the windows are installed by a professional. 

The Architecture and Landscape are Important Considerations

Before replacing your windows, you should think about the architecture and landscape of your home. These factors can determine the amount of light and air that your replacement windows will let into your house. They can also influence your decision on what type of windows to select for your property, as not all styles may fit in. 

There Are Different Types of Window Panes

The energy efficiency of your windows greatly depends on the type of glass used. Ask about the type of glass utilized in your windows before buying them. Generally, most windows come with double paned glass, but you can opt for additional energy saving features such as argon filled, Low-E coatings and even adding an additional pane. Apart from being energy-efficient, it offers additional sound insulation.

Before signing the dotted line for your new replacement windows, make sure you take the time to look into your options and ask questions about your new windows. Keep the above in mind as you do.