Lost Opportunity

The salesperson that is concentrating on “making the best deal” and going through every known sales trick he can think of, neglected to talk about the value. When there is no value all that is left is price. Our value proposition lies in the quality and value of our windows and doors. 50% of what you purchase is the product the other 50% is the installation.

So half of what we do is represent our chosen manufacturers, the other half are the people and staff of PM who provide the sales, installation and service. Once we communicate this to the customer and we are compelling in our proof statements or testimonials then the customer will both emotionally and logically make the decision to buy from us.

The sale is emotionally driven and emotionally decided. Then it is justified logically. The head is attached to the price and the heart is attached to the wallet. We can no longer think of our product as a commodity. It is all about the relationship and the perceived value. Not everyone will buy from us, 30-40% will always buy on price, the good news is that 60-70% will buy value if you provide it to them.

Lowest price is lowest profit. We believe in value that justifies our pricing. We use standard pricing across the board. There is not a chance that your neighbor got the same windows as you from us for a cheaper price. We provide consistency in pricing and do not change it depending on the weather, time of year or volume of business we have at that time.